About Kamilche Adventures

Top Kayak, Canoe & Hiking Tours in Shelton

If you want the best adventure ever, you should book a guided tour with Kamilche Adventures. Based in Shelton, we provide hiking, kayak, and canoe guided tours and rentals, so you can enjoy your time in nature. Whether you want to rent a kayak by yourself or want to have a party or skill building, our team of experts can arrange that. To book or to find out more information, please get in touch with us at (360) 490 - 8601.

An Adventure Made For You

No matter how much time you put into planning your adventure, we know it can be challenging to nail down the must-see spots. We’re also aware that there are different types of trips and different types of people. Because we want to make sure our customers have the best experience possible, we’ll happily adjust our tours to your preferences: if you prefer the water, we have kayak tours, and if you like the woods, we have hiking tours for you. Anything you want, we are here to provide it. We also have T-shirts and hoodies for you to remember the adventure you just had, or you can simply get it because they are really comfortable and cool.

Our Team

Our staff is what makes our business great. Our team members are treated equally as stakeholders in our company rather than as employees. We all approach our tasks with a great deal of enthusiasm because of this. Our staff members have received training in all areas of travel and hospitality. While some of our coworkers have years of experience, others are just starting out, and we welcome feedback on anything.